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The Scottish Premiership's Best & Worst Posters Thread 2018

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Back by popular demand (not really) and because I will probably have f**k all better to do between Christmas and New Year other than work, visit relatives I can barely be arsed with and spend valuable time counting votes and posting shite on here, it's this years Best & Worst posters thread. Was there even one last year? 

Anyway, similar to previous efforts, nominate your best and worst posters for each Premiership club to me by PM, preferably with some semi-amusing reason, or reference to a hilarious heads-gone. 

Rules and stuff. 

1. Can't vote for the same poster twice in either Best or Worst

2. You can vote for them once each in both Best and Worst, although that would be fucking strange. 

3. Feel free to attempt to provoke a headgone by posting your nominations on the main thread, but as I'm a lazy c**t, and also because my employer won't take kindly to me fannying about on P&B during the day trawling the thread to count votes, they need to be PMed to me to count. 

4. Max of three nominations each for Best & Worst

Nominations close at 23:59 on Xmas eve, with the results being posted two clubs a day from Boxing Day onwards. 

Knock yourselves out, cuntos. 

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The Dundee fan chewing taffies is an absolute worst c**t and sends threatening PMs.

He’s also a member of the “must reply to everything” club so no doubt will pipe up with some kind of retort.

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I'll go first then


Best: @Melanius Mullarkey

Worst: @Jmothecat2



Best: None

Worst: @Romeohorrendous troll


Dundee: @G_Man1985

Worst: The hardest decision on the list imo. So many contenders. Going for @Bigmouth Strikes Again . An angry man with a weird cat obsession.

(honourable mentions to WeeperDee and Fifespud)



Best:  @Im_Rodger RIP

Worst: @Uncle Arthur


Best: @Elixir

Worst: @NJ2



Best: None

Worst: @BawWatchin



Best: @Dindeleux

Worst: @C4mmy31 a horrible copy and paste expert.



Best: @ATLIS

Worst: @andylivi1



Best: @YassinMoutaouakil

(honourable mention to @Busta Nut)

Worst: @capt_oats


Best: None

Worst: @bennett obvz


St Johnstone

Best: @tree house tam

Worst: @The ghost of Jim Morton


St Mirren

Best: @Gareth_Glasgow

Worst: @Demented Zebra


ETA forgot St Mirren since they are so irrelevant without Lewis Morgan.


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Always nice to get a mention....wait what :unsure2:

The diddy alliance stands strong it was a very difficult decision.

Worst: Scotty Tunbridge. 
Unable to utilise mentions properly.

St Mirren was done via app where you can’t mention I believe as I forgot about them.
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7 hours ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:

Worst: [mention=29075]C4mmy31[/mention] a horrible copy and paste expert.


Judging by the state of this post you could do with a few lessons, but cheers for the [mention] :thumsup2



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24 minutes ago, velo army said:

Wait, is this just for the start of this season, or the whole of 2018? I mean, we were a top division club for a good 5 and a bit months of 2018.


The whole of 2018. Or since August. I'm not fucked either way, as long as the nominations are for posters of the current top division clubs 

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