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lost buildings/ structures.


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10 minutes ago, cdisaaccie said:

Hamilton Palace.

Not the current one with the sticky floors, the old, grand one with the marble staircase.

I'm not sure I'm using this phrase in its usual context, but pics or GTFO. 

Here's mine. The Spider Bridge between Lenzie and Kirkintilloch - looked like a fucking death-trap. Pulled down in the 80s so went over it and lived to tell the tale. 




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On 13/11/2017 at 14:03, KnightswoodBear said:

When I was wee, I used to love the Granary on South Street.  It seemed impossibly large to my younger self.  Then they knocked it down and threw up some horrific flats


Sorry for quoting myself from the Favourite Buildings thread, but it was quicker than typing it out again.

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The blending/bottling plant on Hill Street. After Diageo ripped the last few proper jobs out of Killie, I visited the town a few months later for a family funeral*. The whole thing had gone- completely. Not a fucking trace. It was quite a shock to see something you'd grown up with and seen as defining your town just disappear so that some shareholders could get a better dividend.

*Said funeral was at St. Joseph's, also on Hill street. Next to the (also no longer there) Kilmarnock Infirmary site. It was honestly a real shock to look across to where Walker's had taken up the whole side of the street and see - nothing. nothing at all.

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3 minutes ago, Ylf said:

IMG_3671.jpg could’ve been made into flats but some builders just knocked it doon without permission. dude

It's not completely down, I don't think?Apparently whilst knocking it down somebody found tunnels underneath it dating back god knows how long and it stopped. 

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43 minutes ago, KnightswoodBear said:

Sorry for quoting myself from the Favourite Buildings thread, but it was quicker than typing it out again.

Used to love driving down South Street past them. Always ended up with my face pressed against the window trying to see the top. The scale of those buildings seemed other worldly to me as a nipper.

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The bridge across Leith Street in Edinburgh. Originally meant to link the St. James Centre shopping mall to a housing scheme that never got built, so it ended up on waste ground.

Leith Street bridge 1.jpg


When they finally built something on that side of the road it was replaced by this thing.


Leith Street bridge 2a.jpg

Leith Street bridge 2b.jpg


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I miss the old distillery in Dumbarton. It was fucking stinking and sat derelict for years before finally being demolished, but it dominated the sky line and it was always in the background when I was down at the Rock watching a game. A Lidl now stands in it's place and is due to open tomorrow.

Image result for Old distillery dumbarton

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Not an entire building, but a feature within one - just happened recently, they got rid of the water feature / sculpture that was at the beginning of the Livingston Outlet shops. Been replaced with a new staircase up to the food court. I’ve mentioned a few times that the Livvy shops are my favourite centre, always get what I’m looking for there. I used to love sitting up at the food court, watching and listening to that water feature. The noise, and indeed the smell, gave the area an instantly recognisable and unique flavour. Sad to see it go. I guess it was due to maintenance costs? Now it could be any shopping mall, anywhere.



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