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I was drinking a Bovril, and it made me wonder if there was anyone on Pie & Bovril that had never actually tried Bovril?

Do you enjoy Bovril?

Do you drink Bovril outwith the setting of a freezing cold football stadium?

Have you invented a special diet were you substitute every other drink for Bovril?

Let me know in the comments below.

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I drink it a few times per week. I put a load of pepper in mine - sometimes you want a hot drink that isn't tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Last time I had the flu and hardly ate, the first sign of recovery was drinking bovril.

1 minute ago, The Moonster said:

I've never had a Bovril. 


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1 minute ago, Barry Ferguson's Hat said:

It's actually quite good with whisky. I'll often have a whisky and bovril whilst out walking the dog over the Christmas period.

That sounds so disgusting I'm going to have to give it a go.

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4 minutes ago, Bert Raccoon said:

I've not had a Bovril at the football in ages, as every time I do have one I scaled my tounge, even if I leave it sitting for about half an hour 

Must be to do with those urns they use. Years ago when I was working on the roads, I'd buy tea from a wee shop in Stirling that used these urns. By the time we reached Crianlarich it had cooled enough to be drinkable. Any time before that and you'd get scalded.

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I tried it once, it tasted like a dissolved oxo cube. Far too salty, wouldn’t bother again.

Which brings me onto this…

1 hour ago, Jumbo Muir said:

Just finished a big mug of Bovril. Seasoned with salt n pepper. emoji106.png

I can’t imagine anyone taking a sip of Bovril and thinking “aye that needs more salt”. That sounds stroke inducing.

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