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Bairns v Queens at the Bairnabeu, 27 Aug

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3 minutes ago, JK_Queens said:

Defence is absolutely powderpuff.

That was pathetic from Stuart Morrison - no idea what Gibson sees in him. Not much better from McKay and East for the second goal, totally bullied. 

Would agree. A defence made of shitebags. 

Currie looks poor too. 

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Work rate has been superb, midfield definitely clicks better without Hetherington and pleased for Alegria to get his goal. 

Hopefully NcCann aok but if not I hope we see Henderson on.

Bring on the 2nd half with an Oliver and Burrell goal please 

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Josh todd has the old midife crisis hair do these days.
Aye it's a shocker that.

Thought we've been decent but a bit concerned at how much of the ball QoTS have had. Great from Alegria for both goals, he's giving their defence a torrid time and there's 2 on a booking now. Glad Mackie calmed down as he looked destined for an early booking!
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18 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:
31 minutes ago, Monkey Tennis said:
Christ, this is embarrassing.
I can't believe we're losing to a perennial 3rd tier outfit.

Just a wee bit vinegar on that mate. Plenty salt already.

You don't read tone well sometimes Bairnardo, do you?

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