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  1. Was the booking for throwing his kidney in front of someone’s boot?
  2. Well if they do go on for ever then we should be fine
  3. Win win today, break the 23 year hoodoo but without doing enough for ICT to empty Dodds.
  4. If the QP board had access to those pictures on the last page and still went ahead with the appeal, they should be taking pelters from their own fans. The appeals board were only ever going to deal in facts and not get into calculating the probability of the left back getting back. Did he play the man with no attempt to play the ball? Yes. Was the striker clean through? Yes.
  5. It’s a painful red card to take and many referees would have settled for a yellow but it certainly isn’t a horrendous decision. Bear in mind he doesn’t have the protractor and compass like all the Jamie Carraghers on here to work out the speed of the other defender, the acceleration of forward and defender, the direction of the prevailing wind. It’s a foul and he’s probably the last man. Either card was only ever likely to satisfy 50% of the parties involved.
  6. Yeah, it was a Pars fan that mentioned it in here and think a few have just presumed it was Rovers
  7. He’s at the game! He asked when there was a friendly and I telt him it was probably just a pre season thing and would be back to normal when the proper games started!
  8. Are the live updates moving permanently to Twitter? My old man doesn’t have a twitter account and can’t see them and not sure whether I need to set him up for it or not.
  9. Got excited by the new piece appearing on the website, only to see it was boardroom structure. Been sitting at my desk like Lenny at the Springfield Pride Awards
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