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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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14 minutes ago, Brashy's Boots said:
31 minutes ago, Chrisrush1471 said:
Any word on who the trialists were and if they were any good?

Should we be concerned that none of them scored, given someone said there were 2 strikers amongst them?

Aye, but the other two were centre backs...

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7 hours ago, buchan30 said:



Every Raith fan right now.



Some of our fans are definitely the baddies. Unless we play every game like we did in that 5-1 humping of the Pars then there may be boos. McGlynn and the team raised the bar. Then lowered it quite a bit from Christmas 2021. That’s McGlynn for you, always thinking of others. Murray should thank him…and maybe put Goodwillie on a PCV course and make him the coach driver.

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1 hour ago, dysartrovers said:

Some good goals in there

Quite enjoyed the third, lovely play by Easton!

I suspect, with the poaching goals he’s scored this preseason, that Gullan is Murray’s starting CF for the season right now. I’ve complained that Gullan didn’t get goals from in front of the net, but he’s shown he can poach effectively, so it might work…and I’ll bet that means no more than one more forward signing until the loanees appear.

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Has Gullen played every game in pre season? He has scored two there but missed some easier chances later on so he's still not a natural poacher but goals are goals. 

Alloa cut through the defence second half far too easily. 

Zanatta looked up for it but then again its a nothing friendly against an Alloa team that were getting humped. 

Are we wearing last seasons shorts and socks? 


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13 hours ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

Was this on match commentary?

Aye, he joined the match commentary towards the end and was asked a few questions about signings and the new away top. Confirmed we’re still looking at a couple of extra players for the positions expected but Murray is taking his time but is confident he’ll get what he’s looking for. Also talked about the new away kit saying it’s different from what we’ve had previously so interesting to see that. Said about season ticket and shirt sales being good but obviously they’d always like to see more but that’s up to the team to bring fans in with performances on the pitch. Good wee update, I only caught it as I logged in with 10 to play as I forgot it wasn’t a 3pm K/O. 

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Just watched the full match replay and we actually scored from 2 corners I’m shocked 😂 but we did look good going forward causing them problems, the 2 trialist CHs never really had much to do and kept it simple never tried anything fancy but not really a game where you can take much out of as it was just a training game and pretty much over after 20 mins 

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5 minutes ago, Against The Machine said:

You wouldn't want to find yourself in a Fives cage up against Ethan Ross and Dylan Easton, eh? 

We should can the challenge Cup and have a league 5s tournament instead.

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55 minutes ago, CALDERON said:

I'm assuming that the game was behind closed doors so we could practice short corners.

I was thinking that. Imagined the reaction of the belters in the stand going tits at a corner not aimlessly humped into the crowded area for our tiny players to lose out on headers 

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Just watched rhe full replay, good facility that. First 11 looks quality it then starts to drift though the young boys have got something about them.

Missed the Chairman yesterday as I only caught wee bits of the game live. I don't think he loves the on mic stuff but came accross well. Good addition to the commentary during the friendly.

Ross has bulked up a bit, Gullan as an out and out striker might work. Trialists up top didn't shine both centre halfs looked worthy of another shot maybe closed doors games. Neither really tested but neat enough. 

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