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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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Thought we dug in well last night, but again, clear to see why we are where we are in the league. Scrappy first half impacted by the crap conditions, but second half i thought both teams played some decent stuff.  

Couple of cracking saves from MacDonald. Back 4 did well - Dick has been excellent alongside O'Riordan who looks a class above. Midfield got stuck in, usual hard working effort. Still lacking up top. Freidreksen looks like he still needs to settle in, and those 2 chances that Connell missed late on sum up our season so far. Need to start putting them away! 

A good 3 points though. Hard fought. Edged the game, fair result, and saw it out well. 

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1 hour ago, SirJimmyofNic said:

I take it that Murray has avoided the beaks 

Don’t see a hearing done today except Lafferty (got 10 games), none scheduled for tomorrow that I found. SPFL tend to hold the hearings the Thursday or Friday after the event, so he may have made it out OK.

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ICT TV saying that they’re not streaming games until further notice, even for overseas viewers. Anyone know of another streaming source?
Try googling vipleague. Can sometimes get the games on those sites. I haven't tried for today though so no idea if they have the pixelot stream of it or not.
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1 minute ago, JaketheSnake said:

The answer is Vaughan. Unfortunately we'll likely only get a month out of him if we're lucky 

Which is why the answer isn’t Vaughan. Coulson should have been given at least 30 minutes today…or even McBride. Connoll just isn’t getting it done, and with Gullan and Little John out, that’s our choices (Mahady won’t ever play for us, I suspect).

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