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The Falkirk FC Thread

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At least its not the same old league 1/championship players we are signing that have been around the block.  A punt, yes, but equally same could be said for Farid and Lyle Taylor.  Clearly they are aware its also a risk hence the 1 year with option of 2.

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39 minutes ago, GeordieBairn said:

He also signed a deal last month with Chippenham so have we paid money for him?

Did notice that when I was having a look, given Chippenham play in the National League and that's considered non-league I presume the contracts mean very little and can basically be ripped up at any point. 

Will try find out more and edit if I find anything.

EDIT; Done some digging, seems most teams other than those at the top who have been relegated from the professional leagues are Semi-Pro. So no cost bringing him here.

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1 minute ago, 18BAIRN76 said:

I think I’m just heavily scarred and I so hope I’m wrong, but I’m getting a wee bit of summer 2018 vibes 

Can't be 2018 again, no tattoo sleeve or designer haircut in sight this time as best I can tell. Also at least it says we had him on trial not just signed without the manager seeing more than a video.

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