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What's the most "Tin Pot" thing you've seen in the SPFL

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"Uphold the Standards that matter". 

They'd quick happily win ahead of having any integrity and showing sportsmanship? For some reason I'm not shocked by that. 

Yet this lot are the first to scream about tainted trophies for Celtic etc during COVID. 

This lot are thick as f**k. Tinpot slogan banners that mean nothing and only lead to embarrassing themselves.

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You can understand the lack of league trophies as it took 4 years to get to the top tier. But when you consider the domestic cups, they've had what 9 seasons so 18 attempts and 1 piece of silverware. Cup ties are a bit of a leveller but then you take their resources into it.

6% success rate is a blue, white and rid neck. You can understand why the Orcs are OK with cheating, it's in their DNA.

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17 minutes ago, tamthebam said:

It's 3 trophies too- Scottish League, Scottish Cup, Challenge Cup.


Well its 6, but they don't put silhouettes on their Championship, 1st Division and 2nd Division on their "champions wall". It's as if they didn't happen, but do mention the phantom 54 league titles.

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7 hours ago, Ray Patterson said:

Less Tinpot and more just bigoted



Picked the wrong set of fans to get on board. Their list of grievances is long and well trodden ...... The currant buns, Irish unification, Palestine, Basque stuff, UEFA fines, institutional oppression, Poppies, SFA refs, Police Scotland, Gordon Ramsay and general anti Chris Sutton behaviour.

Is Peter Lawwell OK again?

This would go right at the end of the list.

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1 hour ago, RandomGuy. said:

One wonders why they chose an 11 year period considering its the same club.

Not wishing to be pedantic, but considering no trophies have been handed out yet this season, the eleven year period would cover the last season of the old club, which of course won nothing as they were heading to the wall.

Nice theory, but 2011 did see the end of a sustained period of relative success for them.

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