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This time with Alan Partridge

Billy Rubin

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Overall it was a pretty good start.  Looks weird now that they don't have to make Coogan look older now, he's now naturally the age Partridge is.  I say weird, he looks far better.

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Had some outstanding moments but it did feel a bit odd. It’s great though and clearly going somewhere. The format is meant to be a bit clunky though perhaps it could have used some of that fake organic crowd stuff that The One Show and The Big Breakfast have/had. I remember initially finding it a bit strange having Partridge in a sitcom setting in I,AP so I’m very sure the slightly off-kilter feel of the format will pass pretty quickly. 

Best bits:

The way Parto has to change his face to find the right one for the moment, lots of micro-moments like that. 

i totally lost it at “hhhhhwater”

The overlong walks across the studio 

The no hands toilet routine

The stealing of lines by his co-host 

I really like the inane conversation about the seals, that was multi-level, “they batter penguins against the rocks, get this - for fun!”

“It might not necessarily be a woman, it could be a fat, smooth teenage boy”

“My Robinson Clouseau...”

“19:23 email to Delia Smith “hi Delia, I’m big in the back time”, doesn’t make sense”

The chocolates/antibiotics graphics

“The advice from the World Health Organisation”, “here we go”


”Gary Numan and Seal for some reason, wait I know why”

The OP about gambling terminals

Sidekick Simon’s fucking up the tweets

A proper belly laugh, one and all! The ending was a bit flat but didn’t take away from a solid laugh a minute show.

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11 hours ago, D.A.F.C said:

Hand washing porn

”no we mustn’t”



The hand washing reaction was sensational, topped off with:

"From hygiene to bye Jean."

Loved the striding and stumble toward the hacktivist.

I'm already invested in hoping that the co-presenter's veneer will crack from having to work with him.

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the Shell/BP/Esso stuff was a little weird I thought, I'm probably being more than a bit thick but I didn't really get the running joke they were making.

(think it was sort of driving at there having been so many different major spillage incidents that various oil companies have been responsible for, not just one company, but ultimately they all try shifting the blame and focus elsewhere???)

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I completely lost my shit as he gave Sidekick Simon instructions on how to access the Tweets ("Stay ... calm"). I loved the shift in the power dynamics as we shift from his being quite subservient to Jennie, to then being superior to Simon. I was enjoying it up to Simon's introduction, and lovely to see Felicity Montagu and total wid Cariad Lloyd, but it really took off for me after that.

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As some have said already, first few minutes I thoight it was going to be too cringy and overplayed but then I had a good few laughs.

When Jennie said she was married and he blurted out that he heard she was separated was my first lol and a few more thereafter. Look forward to the next one.

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Enjoyed it, good to have him back.

Alan's dominating the show already & it's only a matter of time until his co-host implodes.

Lynn being even more Christian fundamentalist in her outlook, "That's twice she's pinched your joke... she's trying to rob you of your strength, like Delilah" :lol:




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13 hours ago, PB1994 said:

The Alice Clunt/Fluck parts really got me emoji23.png

That is allegedly a true story - Diana Dors' real name was Fluck and that supposedly happened when she was being interviewed.

Did you spot that at the beginning of the hand-washing segment he pretended to have a piss then turned on the tap but didn't put his hands under the running water?

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