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Scotland v Ukraine (21st Sep)


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3-0 and never really looked in danger at the back, even in the opening ten minutes.

2 minutes ago, Cardle is Magic said:

Great result and turned into a dominant performance. Much better.

What the f**k happened to Ukraine? They looked terrible all night.

I think they figured they'd hold us at bay tonight and nick the odd goal on the break, before finishing us off closer to home. It did not work out well for them.

If you look at their results over the past few tournaments, they're really not all that. Oddly enough, they seem to have a bit of trouble scoring enough.

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I don’t want to get too carried away as Ukraine were missing arguably their best player in Zinchenko but that was very pleasing to watch.
Hendry and Mckenna were steady with a few shaky moments. Patterson and latterly Hickey were both good. Tierney was brilliant carrying the ball forward. Mctominay was playing in the position he plays in most weeks and done well. Christie, Mcginn and Dykes were causing problems but just lacked that final touch. 
Liked the change to the 4-2-3-1 and I think it suited us a lot better. 

Dykes lacked that final touch???
He touched it twice!!!
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Apart from slow starts in the first 10 minutes of both halves that was really an excellent performance overall. 

The work rate and intensity was absolutely spot on. 

Shout out to Hickey in particular, who came on and did a very good job against the Ukrainian left winger. 

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