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  1. Your Club is definitely not going all out to sell tickets for this game. I have been on your Club Website to purchase tickets and there is no mention about purchasing tickets for this game. I have emailed the club asking for information and have yet to receive a reply.
  2. Name and shame the the “3 well experienced guys upfront, that will roll around and squeal like big girls if they get tackled “
  3. Everyone at Annan will be happy with a score draw
  4. Throwing flares on to the pitch is not clever Well deserved win for Annan
  5. Why not arrive early and get to the front of the terracing lean on the barriers. Perfect view.
  6. Got to agree it’s not the best place to watch football when it’s busy. Why not get in early and get to the front.
  7. Hospitality available on Saturday if anyone is interested. Contact Annan Ath Football Club
  8. Aiden Smith is now Mulletless. Should be a decent game. Hopefully Annan will collect all 3 points.
  9. Michael Garrity returns to Morton after his loan spell at Annan Athletic. Michael has consistently played well for Annan and will be a big miss at Galabank. I wish him all the best for the future.
  10. Weather forecast for Annan today. It’s dry just now. Expecting a shower at 8am for one hour. Then it’s to stay dry until 5pm It’s windy so everyone wrap up well. Enjoy the game and enjoy your visit to our wee town.
  11. Now is not the time to change the manager. Yes it was disappointing losing on Saturday. Can you tell me a name of a better manager that would be prepared to come to Annan and operate with our small budget?
  12. Good cup tie. Says it all when our Goalie Greg Fleming was our MOM. Hope you get a decent tie in the next round. Good Luck
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