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  1. It's almost as if signing players and a manager not good good enough for Motherwell has been a poor strategy
  2. His mind was telling him no, but his body! His body was telling him yes!!
  3. We are absolutely garbage and are top six. Take that Scottish fitba
  4. How much do you think is made on a typical Clyde matchday? There's hardly anybody there. More money to be made in letting the pitch out to numerous kids and youth games on a day, than tying the entire venue up for minimal return just because "Clyde".
  5. Thank you for being so generous with the crumbs from your imaginary top table, you limp w**k.
  6. Very sad news about Andy passing so suddenly. Both he and his Mrs are lovely people. The game doesn't seem fair sometimes
  7. Very sad news. Had hoped he had turned a corner with his treatment, but sadly not. Feel awful for his young family
  8. A fairly niche porn category sure but still managed to batter one out.
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