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The Falkirk FC Thread

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We have it on Canadian TV (via my firestuck) here, I've converted the pub into bairns!  We've created the better chances, was an absolute howler of a miss and Hibs couldn't complain if we were 2 or 3 up at half time - defence has managed to nullify their attacking threat so far and hopefully that continues- our attacking options are obviously very limited yet we've still created the better chances.  Very pleased with that first half performance and hope we can maintain the same standard in the second, COYB!! 

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36 minutes ago, roman_bairn said:

Just wondering if the sun was a factor in that miss? Dreadful irrespective…

No for me...... He is meant to be a creative and add goals. 

I'll applaud his goal but general play is why he is league one.

Hopefully we get more out of him as it's harsh as far I'm concerned to judge players this season for the oncoming season in this joke cup, albeit we have a season of Nesbitt to judge, it's a clean slate for majority for me this season who remain from last, Wilson would need to turn water to wine to convince me tho tbh....red wine too 

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12 minutes ago, Jackie Myles said:

Playing very well so far. Knocking the ball about really well and the effort is different level altogether from last season. Mackie looks far better at centre half . A decent striker and we've got the basis of a side here. So much more solid in midfield and defence.

I'm on the fence regarding McCann but he has had a decent game 

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