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Next permanent Scotland manager


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3 hours ago, bobbydazzler said:

think this will definitely happen, try to win more voters from the middle grounds

That would be a mistake. I don't think the middle ground in Scotland, is where you think it is. 

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2 hours ago, ICTChris said:

Ash Regan reportedly going to stand.


2 hours ago, Bodie said:

Oaft. Hard no on Regan. Car crash material imo.

Ash Regan’s office is always looking for staff. Make of that what you will but I imagine most people know why…

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1 hour ago, Ray Patterson said:

Mairi McAllan would be a shout tbf - very impressed with her and she doesn't seem to have views on the Trans community from the 1800s like Cherry or Forbes

This kind of silly exaggeration really doesn't help. 

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I was initially going to vote for Graeme Murty, but quickly realised he isn't an MSP so unlikely.

There will never be a socially conservative leader of the SNP. Simply will not happen.  They will also need to be a MSP. I think you then quite quickly come to the conclusion it can really only be Angus Robertson.

One of the reasons Salmond ran against Roseanna Cunningham, who voted against gay rights in the  in the early 2000s, was to stop someone with those sorts of views becoming FM. Can see a similar thing happening  if we get a Denham or a Cherry getting anywhere near the leadership. 

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John Swinney seems like a decent and very intelligent man but he has the charisma of a post. Angus Robertson has a wee bit more charisma but less of the intelligence - a kind of worse version of Alex Salmond. Kate Forbes is pretty socially conservative. 

Mhairi Black and Alyn Smith are two of the more charismatic members of the party but are hampered by the fact they’re in Westminster where most of the party’s talent seems to reside these days. Even if an MP did win, how would that work? They become party leader and we have an interim FM until there’s a by-election? That could be ages away and still not really practical. I can also see it damaging the party in that Scotland could be left with a FM unable to take office.

I wonder if Sturgeon has privately already made her preference clear and it’ll turn into a two horse race - the Sturgeonistas against an outsider. I cant imagine her leaving the party at an impasse with no route to what comes next. 

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