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The Pie and Bovril Dead Pool 2023

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9 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

Bit of a coinkydink that L-M Presley and Robbie Bachman were announced within an hour of each other.

Elvis's lighting bolt TCB motto and 'Takin' Care of Business in a Flash' motif that he used everywhere in the last years of his life, including on his jet, was taken from Bachman-Turner Overdrive's other big song (and probably biggest US song) 'Takin' Care of Business.' which he was a massive fan of.

Always felt that would be a good run-out song or after we score.

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Week 2 update

One death this week. I didn't realise Greece had a royal family but the last one of them is gone, Constantine II: King Constantine II of Greece obituary | Greece | The Guardian


By the standards of the hapless Greek monarchy, Constantine II, the last king of the Hellenes, who has died aged 82, led a comfortable life in exile after a brief and turbulent reign. Of the seven Greek monarchs of the 19th and 20th centuries, three were deposed, one assassinated, two abdicated and one died of septicaemia after being bitten by a barbary ape in the royal gardens.

The Glücksburg monarchy was German-Danish in origin, imposed on Greece in the 1830s. During prolonged wrangling after Constantine’s deposition, the Greek government refused to give him a passport until he acknowledged that he was Mr Glücksburg, whereas he insisted he was just plain Constantine. As the last of Greece’s deposed monarchs he escaped lightly. But decades of exile in London, as one thing the Greeks did not want back from Britain, were not how he would have chosen to spend his life.

In Hampstead Garden Suburb, Constantine lived in some state – apparently supported largely by donations from Greek monarchists – and visitors were expected to address him as Your Majesty. He was included in many invitations by the British royal family, to whom, like most of Europe’s monarchies, he was related. Prince Philip was his father’s first cousin, King Charles III his second cousin and Queen Elizabeth II a third cousin, and he was a godfather to Prince William. His wife was a Danish princess, the sister of Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II, and his sister Sofía became queen of Spain. Only in Greece was he unrecognised, and he was not allowed to return to live there until 2013, long after the events that had toppled him from the throne after a military coup in 1967 and resulted in the abolition of the monarchy in Greece in 1973.

It's all a bit she's turned the Greeks against us for me. I also enjoyed this:


Thereafter, for decades, Constantine was prevented from visiting Greece except briefly and on rare occasions: for his mother’s funeral in 1981 and for an attempted holiday in 1993, when he found his yacht was constantly harried by torpedo boats and aeroplanes. The following year, the Greek government revoked his citizenship and passport and seized the royal family’s property. “The law basically said that I had to go out and acquire a name. The problem is that my family originates from Denmark and the Danish royal family haven’t got a surname,” he said, adding that Glücksburg was the name of a place not a family: “I might as well call myself Mr Kensington.”

In 2000, the court of human rights found for the king in relation to the property, though it could only order compensation, not the return of his extensive estates nor the royal palace at Tatoi and awarded him only 12m euros (around £10m), rather than the 500m he had asked for: a reduction that the Greek government counted as a triumphant vindication. It nevertheless took another two years to pay the money and, when it did so, the government took it from its extraordinary natural disasters fund rather than general reserves. In retaliation, Constantine used the money to set up a charitable foundation in the name of his wife to assist Greeks suffering from natural disasters. He said: “I feel the Greek government have acted unjustly and vindictively. They treat me sometimes as if I am their enemy – I am not the enemy. I consider it the greatest insult in the world for a Greek to be told he is not a Greek.”

Mr Glucksburg was 82 when he died so he's worth 43 Base Points for @Aim Here, @Arbroathlegend36-0 and @buddiepaul. buddiepaul starts the year off with three hits in ten days, which is definitely a record of some sort.

As a result, the standings look like this:

1. buddiepaul 194
2. psv_killie 185

3. JustOneCornetto 181
4. Desp, Ned Nederlander 151
6. Arabdownunder, Bully Wee Villa, cdhafc1874, D.V.T., Frosty, HK Hibee, Mark Connolly, microdave, qos_75, throbber, weirdcal 134
17. Arbroathlegend36-0 110

18. Arch Stanton, LoonsYouthTeam, Ludo*1, mozam76 101
22. alta-pete, Billy Jean King, Indale Winton, sparky88, Sweaty Morph 84
27. atfccfc, chomp my root, DG.Roma, Donathan, Fuctifano, gkneil, HI HAT,  Karpaty Lviv, lichtgilphead, Lofarl, lolls, Michael W, pub car king, The_Craig, The DA, The Naitch, thistledo 67
44. Aim here 43

45. Everyone else 0

The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RxCIfczRUmrRrW79tUQ0vJ5KaHZpYENsTKmDqW4X3W4/edit?usp=sharing

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