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Dundee United's Next Permanent Manager - 3rd Edition of 2022/2023 Season

Who will be Dundee United's Next Permanent Manager?  

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4 hours ago, DrewDon said:

I don't think that is entirely accurate. Goodwin definitely settled on a preferred style of play with us this season, primarily based on the attacking strengths of the players at his disposal. But he could, and often did, deviate. The 1-0 defeat to Celtic in December is the best example of this: we sat in a low block for 90 minutes and basically made no effort to win the game at all. Goodwin's biggest tactical problem, I thought, was that his game-to-game changes tended to be quite extreme and unsubtle. He struggled to land on an appropriate balance. There were also some justified question marks over his in-game management. 

If he has learned from his time with us then I think he can absolutely be a decent manager for United. There might also be less expectation on him from above to play in a certain way, especially given what he is inheriting - and that his short-term aim is simply to keep United in the top flight. I would be surprised if he was anything other than pragmatic from now until the end of the season. 

There was also the away game against Hibs where he treated them as if they were Celtic. And that was prior to the Porteous dive. 

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16 minutes ago, Theyellowbox said:

I actually think Goodwin will do well at Utd (relatively). I think he will get them out of the automatic relegation spot and at least into the playoff position. If he did that and beat say Dundee in a playoff, then Utd fans would love him. 


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11 hours ago, TxRover said:

Potentially, but his reputation is already f**ked, so take a short deal here, and if he can save DU from relegation he rehabs his rep. If he fails, he was already screwed, and with DU the current basket case it is, he takes little additional blame.

That theory didn't work so well for Mark McGhee just up the street.  

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10 hours ago, Pull My Strings said:



Somewhat brilliantly, the very next part says:

"Now in the Tannadice hotseat, the 41-year-old faces former club Aberdeen in his first match in charge of United."

I can't help feeling you've missed a bit Lads.


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