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14 minutes ago, carpetmonster said:

Is it a particularly nice place and maybe derives from ‘idyll’? (Or alternatively a hovel and the founders were being sarky)

Well, it's far enough north of the Dundee Yes Favella to make it idyllic...

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1 hour ago, tongue_tied_danny said:

Is it acceptable to leave donations on the pavement outside a charity shop when it is closed?

I've worked in a few, and generally anything we found outside in the morning would turn out to be shite. Took me a while to realise it was because the local jakes raked through it during the night and nicked anything of value. And occasionally pished on what was left.

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9 minutes ago, tamthebam said:

Denmark actually had overseas colonies- they had two islands which formed the Danish West Indies which they flogged to the US in 1917

They still have the Faroe Islands and Greenland as autonomous territories and only lost Iceland in 1944.

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