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Inverness' Next Permanent Manager - 2023 Edition - Dodds is Punted YASSS

Who will be Inverness' Next Permanent Manager?  

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How about a guy who’s played and managed at the highest levels, has won a few titles as a Scottish manager, someone whose services you’ve tried to get as manager before. But most importantly, he fits the criteria of having a rangers connection.

How about…….. and before you all either scream in outrage, or laugh yerselves to a hernia, you should seriously think about it…….. remember it’s only a suggestion mind, and he could be a great appointment….. have any of you considered Mr Ally McCoist MBE. 😂

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7 hours ago, PB1994 said:

The more I think about Davidson the more I’m okay with it. I think a 3-5-2 could suit us quite well, with the general lack of wingers in the squad. The big red flag though is obviously the horrendous and expensive recruitment and complete disaster of seasons in Perth, excluding the first one.

It wouldnt be 3-5-2 initially. He was absolutely obsessed with getting a 5-2-3 shape working with us (purely because it never worked, bizarrely) to the point every single time we picked up a string of results we'd go straight back to it. Our squad last season (of ~40 players) was built around it too. Doesnt matter if you've no wingers he'll just play folk out of position.

He'd be a decent punt if he'd shown any signs he'd learned anything from his time in charge with us, but he was in the media last week claiming he was doing a good job and his sacking was harsh (because we were 9th and thats apparently great for us, while ignoring the run of 2 wins in 16 and the fact the players had clearly just given up under him), so id guess hes still not realised what he done wrong.

Look forward to lots of talk about great he is at everything and how he couldve "won at any sport" any time you have a winning streak, and then lots of talk about how ICT are "lucky to be competing in this division" any time you have a losing streak. He tried to gaslight folk into thinking our play off win v you was a greater achievement than the double.

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1 hour ago, Savage Henry said:

Don Cowie is clearly next in line for the County job as things stands, but Inverness should surely ask to speak to him.

That is a good shout. It was coaching the guys needed. Rumours were that training consisted of five asides with the coaches playing and loads of laughs, absolutely no tactics or notes on the opposition. McCann was seemingly the complete opposite -  no craic but every part of a game analysed I the  minutiae.  Very serious. That makes sense when you see him on the punditry. 
we want someone fresh with good ideas which rules out a lot of the original cast in that list  - we have got some good young players there and most on 2 year deals. 

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10 hours ago, Broken Algorithms said:

There's surely no chance McCabe would leave Airdrie. Bartley might want to go at a push.


The point still remains. A collection of jobbers most of whom have failed spectacularly before.

I don't think he would because of his situation just now (still wanting to play) and I know there is fine margins in terms of clubs in Scotland but surely you can take ICT further than you can Airdrie...?

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10 hours ago, Pens_Dark said:

... If I were them I'd opt for a promising new coach like Rhys McCabe or Marvin Bartley...

Way too early for Bartley I'd say.  He hasn't got a full season under his belt yet and although the football has generally improved (couldn't have got worse, mind) he hasn't exactly set the heather on fire down at Palmerston and results have been mixed.  He's taken a brave approach in going for young talent, but to counter that he's also realised belatedly that he also needs experience in the mix where he's had to bring in Efe Ambrose (yes, I know, but this is 3rd tier fitba tbf ...) to shore up a dodgy back line.  I like what I've seen so far in Bartley (and he's obviously super cool in video interviews, being very media savvy) but it's just too early - for his own good and development he needs to see out the season at Queens and learn his trade where the pressure on him will be less than it would be in a Championship side with expectations.

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7 hours ago, Cardle is Magic said:

We hired Peter Grant AND chose John Hughes over Stuart Kettlewell *in the same season* so Caley Thistle fans should take comfort that they’ll never top our incompetence with appointments.

Oh hohohoho


Youve not considered, the John Hughes with Peter Grant as assistant option.  That would be an immense appointment for Inverness.



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